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jane's column this weekend on on why we should read the declaration of independence. from new york, good night, from new york, good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: the unemployment rate goes down but is it a good sign? why does the economy seem to be sputtering? arizona governor fires back over immigration. a tribute to the longest serving senator in u.s. history raises eyebrows. from the studio in washington, this is "special report." i'm bret baier. we begin on the fox news job hunt with the june unemployment numbers. national jobless rate declined from 9.7% to 9.5%. president obama declared the economy headed in the right direction but as correspondent james rosen reports other numbers offer evidence of a darker view. >> the economy created
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600,000 private sector job this year. start turn around from last year when we lost 3.7 million jobs in height of the recession. >> reporter: that was one way of reading a labor department june employment data. here is another. private sector added 83,000 jobs last month. on the plus side of the ledger to be sure, but 25% short of what the analysts predicted. the three-month average for job growth in the private sector, which reached 154,000 from february to april now stands at 119,000. unmistakable sign the recovery is losing steam. >> i think what you are seeing is what a fact of life about real recovery. they come in fits and starts. no question. we're going through a period of turbulence now. so that that day, slow and steady and digging out of what the president described as a big hole. >> the republicans declared the stimulus policy a failure and house minority leader john boehner targeted by obama for ridicule asked how
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much longer are we going to continue with the disastrous spending spree -- instead of whining and making excuses he said president obama should rein in spending, keep taxes low and give small businesses certainty they need to get back on their feet. >> boehner is expressing the frustration of so many americans that understand the prosperity from the private sector, not the public sector and we cannot spend and borrow our way back to economic growth and prosperity. >> the senate this week again rejected the democrats proposal to expand jobless benefit. with joblessness sure to persist, they assess the country psychological state in the turbulent time. >> we don't flinch. we dig deeper and compete. in the d.n.a.. >> we need a robust private
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sector employment growth. >> to further shape and bolster confidence, president obama will hit the road next week and holding events to the economy and political fundraisers in missouri and nevada. bret? >> bret: james rosen live on the north lawn. thank you. wall street reacted negativity to the news. the dow dropped 46. s&p 500 lost 4 3/4. the nasdaq fell 9.5. mexican federal police say a drug gang leader told them he ordered the killing of a u.s. consulate worker in march because she gave vista to a rival gang. leslie enriquez was gunned down with her husband in juarez. on the u.s. side of the border, there continues to be furious debate over arizona
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immigration law. correspondent anita vogel looks at what is said on both sides of the issue. >> the violence near the border shows no sign of letting up. 21 people were killed after a massive gun battle between the rival drug gangs south of the border. the kind of incident that jan brewer says president obama won't understand unless he sees it for himself. >> we have a crisis in arizona and he doesn't even come to look with his own eyes. that's unbelieve to believe people of arizona. >> brewer told greta van susteren that the president's thursday speech on immigration worsened relations between federal and state officials. >> i think he made statements that inflamed an issue that he realizes is his responsibility. i was disappointed. >> she said it was short on
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details of the immigration law that gives the local police authority to ask for identification if there is a reason to believe a person is here illegally. but only if they're stopped for something else, like traffic violation. >> it puts the huge pressure on local law enforcement to enforce rules that are unenforceable. >> polls show people across the country support the arizona law. according to latest opinion dynamics poll 52% favor the measure and 27% oppose it. immigrant rights insist it's bad policy that could lead to racial profiling, unlawful arrest and chilled relationship between hispanic and police. but even they hoped for more details from the president about his plan to reshape immigration policy and deal with the 11 million plus illegal aliens living and working in the united states.
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>> the use of the bully pulpit and his moral authority of the legal head of the nation to say we have to do something, get off the mark and move on this at long last. that has the importance but not more than that. >> area is facing five legal challenge -- arizona is facing five legal challenges over the law and department of justice is considering its own lawsuit. so they're planning protest and rallies for july 29, the day the new law goes into effect, probably in front of the capital. we are hearing there could be a lot to see. back to you. >> bret: anita vogel live in phoenix tonight. thank you. west virginia senator robert byrd was memorialized today as tireless worker who succeeded in his goal of directing billions of dollars in taxpayer money to his home state of west virginia. correspondent molly henneberg reports on the service in charleston. [ bells toll ]
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>> reporter: the end of a political era in west virginia. the mountain state said goodbye to the 92-year-old senator robert byrd who died on monday. president obama, vice president biden and bill clinton attended the public memorial in charlesstop and spoke warmly about the man who never forgot his west virginia roots in his 51 years in the senate and six years in the house. >> an icon, party leader, an elder statesman and he was my friend. that is how i'll remember him. >> the nation's first black president alluded to his past as vocal leader of the ku klux klan, but president clinton referenced it directly. >> he was a country boy from the hills of west virginia, trying to get elected. maybe he did something he shouldn't have done and he spent the rest of his life making it up. >> robert byrd possessed the quintessential american
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quality. that is a capacity to change. a capacity to learn, capacity to listen and a capacity to be made more perfect. >> later in life, byrd repeatedly apologized for his connection to the klan and his 14-hour filibuster of the 1964 civil rights act. today some of the colleagues praised byrd for his devotion to rules and tradition of the senate and above all to the constitution. now the man married to his high school sweetheart for 68 years until her death will be buried next to her in virginia next week. as the ceremony came to an end, there was a final send off from the state he loved. [ music ] >> in charleston, molly henneberg, fox news. >> bret: the top republican in the senate and the ranking republican on the senate
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judiciary committee say they will vote against confirmation for elena kagan. minority leader mitch mcconnell and orrin hatch came out against the supreme court nominee today. also indicating no votes so far, murkowski and inhofe. she is expected to be confirmed by the senate. the chicago city council bans gun shops and prohibits gun owners stepping outside their homes with a handgun. the 45-0 vote came four days after the supreme court set the stage for overturning of the existing handgun ban. a top republican is under the gun over his comments about afghanistan. the administration tightens the vice on iran. boss: y'know, geico opened its doors back in 1936
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>> bret: checking world headlines. the kyrgyzstan constitution went in effect today. 90% of the ballots cast in sunday election were in favor of it. it establishes european parliamentary system. six suicide bombers stormed a u.s. aid compound in northern afghanistan early today. at least four other people were killed. none of them americans. two were wounded. the taliban claimed responsibility. meantime, general petraeus arrived in kabul. he is taking over u.s. and nato operations in afghanistan, following the resignation of general stanley mcchrystal last week. media reports say iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad wants to ban signature western products such as coca-cola. in retaliation for new sanctions against his nuclear program. chief washington correspondent jim angle looks at the latest effort to put the squeeze on iran.
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>> reporter: president obama now signed a bipartisan bill passed by congress to tighten sanctions on iran in hopes to deter the nuclear program. >> there should be no doubt the united states and the international community are determined to prevent iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. >> the u.s. action follows u.n. security council passage of additional sanctions in early june and the u.s. sanctions build on those. >> is it going to be enough to get them to stop enriching uranium? probably not. but it will make life more difficult for them and make the cost of doing business more expensive. >> the way to think about sanctions on iran would be to picture asive with 1,000 different holes. united nations has a habit of plugging three or four holes at a time but you have hundreds more. >> one element of sanction is discouraging any overseas company or bank doing business with the ion rainian government -- iranian government offering them a
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choice. >> choose islamic republic or the united states. no country in their right mind, even china and russia would choose iran over the united states. >> another aspect is punish any companies that supply or ship refined gasoline to iran. >> even though iran is one of the world's largest producers and exporters of oil, they have bad refining capacity. >> they have been relying on import for 40% of refined gasoline and are moving quickly to reduce that. even with sanctions, iran has direct flights to north korea, flier of missile technology. and that worries u.s. intelligence. >> iran will have an intercontinental ballistic missile capability by the year 2015. it basically means whatever containment we're talking about now, iran could leapfrog over in a matter of years. >> when president obama took office, he first sought to court iranians. at that point, they didn't have enough uranium to build a single bomb but they never slowed down. >> when we first started talking about sanctions they
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had enough low enriched uranium for one bomb. by the time we imposed sanctions, enough for two bombs. >> now sources say the intelligence community is about to issue a new assessment to save the iranian nuclear weapon program is further along than anyone thought. bret? >> bret: jim, thank you. the justice minister in cyprus says he believes an alleged russian spy who was arrested then let out on bail has fled the island. back in the u.s., three more suspects in the spy ring had court hearings today. correspondent david lee miller is following the story from new york tonight. good evening. >> good evening. all three defendants appeared in court in alexandria waived right to bail hearing and remain behind bars. prosecutors said two of the accused spies living as a married couple admitted to using fake names. according to court papers the couple had two safe deposit boxes stashed with $100,000
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in cash. as well as fake passports. prosecutors say the couple's two young children will soon be taken to live with relatives in russia. a third defendant, mikhail simenko also in court and he did not use a fake identity, and was in the u.s. on a work visa. a visa that has been pulled. authorities say in the apartment, they found computer equipment that could be used for secret communications. in another development, attorney for accused spy juan lezaro says her client denies making incriminating statements to authorities. prosecutors said that lezaro admitted using fake name and having more loyalty to what he called the service than his own son. his attorney says her client never made any such confession and is the victim of political witch hunt. bret? >> bret: david lee miller live in new york. thank you. we will bring you up to date on a famous military
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organization that is changing with the times. we fly over the site of the deepwater horizon oil spill next. [ male announcer ] when we built our first hybrid,
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>> bret: byte group of senators is pushing for tax breaks for businesses hard hit by the gulf oil spill. they made their pitch in a letter to finance committee leaders today. down in the gulf, senior correspondent rick leventhal today got a firsthand look at the deepwater horizon site since hurricane alex churned through the region. good evening, rick. >> reporter: hey, bret. we're 500 feet above the surface in a jayhawk helicopter with the coast guard. you couldn't see the oil close to the shore, because it's been churned up by the rough surf. 20 miles from the spilled source, that is when the blue waters of the gulf turned
6:22 pm
black and stayed black for mile after mile with smaller pools of rainbow and metallic colors. it was darker and thicker as we got closer to the site, which is marked by the two giant flames which are burning 9,000 barrels of oil every day. there are a dozen large vessels in the area including the q-4,000 and enterprise to collect the oil from 5,000 feet from the surface. he lix producer is there, the third ship supposed to double the containment capacity hooked up. that won't probably happen to next week. we didn't see the skimmers that could be scooping the oil off the surface. grounded by the rough weather earlier in the week. we flew with the deputy incident commanders nathan knapp with the coast guard and he explained why the skimmers weren't back at work yet. >> they're not fast boats, they're built for a mission, that's oil skimming. they don't get here quickly
6:23 pm
and they don't return to port quickly. it has to be a measured delivery process to when to turn them off and on. >> reporter: there are 13,000 people in louisiana alone battling to ean up the spill. one tool they use in the skies tonight, bret. the spotter planes and the chemical disbursement planes have been grounded because of the rough weather. we had fox cameras on both of them. spotter and chemical disbursement plane as they flew out to treat one of the oil spills in the gulf. they found a large area, ten-by-sixteen nautical miles west of the spill site and sprayed 100 gallons of -- 1700 gallons of chemicals to hit a sheen. the coast guard calls it another effective tool to control the disaster the grows larger every day. the rule of thumb for every first responder, bret, is to fight the source and control the source. that is something they are struggling mightily to do
6:24 pm
here. bret? >> bret: rick, hurricane alex took the skimmers off the water, but is there any evidence so far from the people you are talking to that it churned things up and disbursed the oil by the weather? >> absolutely. they're convinced of that. that is a bit of good news, because the heat and the wind can help dissipate oil churned up. it also pushes it closer to shore faster. they're seeing oil reaching the coast that wasn't reaching it before. meanwhile, the oil out at the site is very, very thick. skimmers couldn't treat it before but they're on the job tonight. >> bret: rick leventhal live in homa tonight. thank you. problems in the gulf and the economy and host of other challenges have president obama pushing back forcefully against criticism. senior correspondent brian wilson looks at the partisan war of words heating up this summer. >> reporter: it's one of the golden rules of politics. >> when your enemy is self-destructing you get out of the way. >> right now, things aren't
6:25 pm
looking so good for the obama administration. the president's poll numbers are sagging and so is the economy. most political experts are predicting big losses for democrats in the mid-term election so the perfect time for republicans to lay back and say nothing, right? apparently texas republican joe barton didn't get the memo. he publicly apologized for b.p. what he termed obama administration shakedown. democrats pounced on that for days and barton got in trouble with the top republican in the house, minority leader john boehner. then this week boehner stepped in it in an interview with pittsburgh tribune review saying the democratic reform package went too far. saying this is killing an ant with a nuclear weapon. the president went after that comment in a full-on campaign style attack. >> i mean, maybe i'm confused. do you think the financial crisis was an ant and we just need a little ant swatter to fix this thing? >> wait, wait, there's more.
6:26 pm
>> there may be those in washington who want to maintain the status quo. we want to move america forward. >> there it is. slam dunk. the governing part of the job may not be going well but he's always been strong on the stump. still in a way, the president is using his own nuclear weapon to swat at ants. he has used the bully pulpit of the presidency to attack critics who would have gone largely unnoticed otherwise. >> when you respond to each attack you elevate the attacker. for a president in particular, that's unwise. you don't want to elevate all of your opponents to your level. >> you see reporters who have a vested interest in keeping a good political nah-nah session going will pay more attention to boehner. we love the back and forth. the president may look a bit thick skinned but given the fact that most experts believe the democrats could get clobbered in the mid-term election, the white house is apparently concluded that motivating and revving up democrats with red meat political rhetoric might just
6:27 pm
be job one for the moment. washington, brian wilson, fox news. >> bret: well, the leader of the republican national committee is in some hot water tonight with conservatives. we will tell you why. just who are the tea party people anyway? you might be surprised. @@@ thanks to aarp, we can have more nights out. and i can get more laps in. ♪ our card lets us head to the beach more often. and lets us barbecue more often. my new glasses help me see everything.
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>> bret: and now some fresh pickings from the political
6:31 pm
grapevine. republican national committee chairman michael steele is under fire from conservatives over comment he is made about president obama and the afghanistan war. here is what he said at a fundraiser thursday in connecticut. >> this was a war of obama's choosing. this is not, this is not something that the united states had actively prosecuted or wanted to engage in. well, if he's such a student of history has he nod understood that you know that's the one thing you don't do, engage in a war in afghanistan, because everyone who has tried over a thousand years of history has failed. >> bret: bill kristol, fox news contributor is calling on steele to resign. now, he writes in an open letter, "your comment is more than an embarrassment. it's an affront, both to the honor of the republican party and to the commitment of the soldiers fighting."
6:32 pm
rnc is not specifically addressing the controversy but calls steele a consistent and vocal supporter of the wars in afghanistan and iraq. a new poll shows three in ten americans describe themselves as tea party supporters. equal to the number who call themselves republicans. the "usa today" gallop poll also says while whites and anglos make up the bulk of the tea party movement, hispanic, asian and african-american americans combine to make up almost one quarter of the ranks. south carolina republican senator lindsey graham says his bipartisan stance on the range of issues put him at odds with the tea party. the "new york times" magazine reports graham dissed the movement saying, "the problem with the tea party, i think it's just unsustainable. it will die out." graham also addresses a recent incident in which a tea party speaker suggested graham was working with democrats out of fear they would expose him as a homosexual. graham replied with a smirk
6:33 pm
saying, "like maybe i'm having a clandestine affair with ricky martin. i ain't available. i ain't gay. sorry." final limasnbc anchor chris matthews famously got a thrill up his leg on candidate obama speech on race two-and-a-half years ago but apparently it's contagious over there. fellow fellow anchor witt said i got chills in the speech. she said it was heavy on detail and direction. the "washington post" not exactly a conservative paper didn't feel the same way, writing, "the president did not outline any details for reform or set a timetable for reform bill." for decades, the uso provided american military personnel with a place to relax. occasionally some entertainment. and respite from duty. white house correspondent mike emanuel reports from the pentagon now the u.s.o. has
6:34 pm
evolved, much as the american mission around the world has changed. [ music ] >> reporter: this u.s.o. event as the pentagon combines the nostalgia of the group's history with new purpose. volunteers have care packages for troops serving in afghanistan. >> a touch of home. it brings a smile to their face and degree of comfort to know they are supported in what they are doing. you have can't under estimate the impact of it. >> reporter: the name u.s.o. conjures up images of bob hope in war zones. >> i just want you boys to see what you are fighting for, that's all. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but now the organization entirely funded by private donations is also trying to help wounded warriors and their families pick up the pieces, including charles eggalston who was seriously wounded by i.e.d. blast in iraq and spent three-and-a-half years in a military hospital. >> these guys actually are the national treasure to stay the least. they do the part of the work
6:35 pm
that they forgot to do. i guess they didn't think about the wounded warrior. but the u.s.o. filled in the gap. >> reporter: it's part of the new u.s.o. says the group's leader. >> we changed, because the needs of the troops and families changed. >> reporter: many of the troops have been doing multiple deployments to iraq and afghanistan. >> since the start of the conflicts, some 40,000 have come home having suffered wounds and injuries on the battlefield. we work to try to meet the needs. >> reporter: the u.s.o. is building two new multi-million wounded warrior centers in the washington area for troops in their families as a gift from the american people. >> it will be like christmastime really. it means so much to the families. >> reporter: on this day, the u.s.o. is providing a different gift to service members far from home. >> the 2000 care packages stuffed here are combined with 3,000 from other locations to send to u.s. troops serving in afghanistan, where they have been fighting now for almost nine years. the idea is to help keep them
6:36 pm
going and let them know america cares. at the pentagon, mike emanuel, fox news. >> bret: great story. we talk about today's unemployment numbers, the state of the economy and the politics surrounding the entire issue. fox all-stars join me after the break. we asked real people to film themselves taking the activia 14-day challenge. i'm mary ellen smith. day one of the activia 14-day challenge. my digestive problems are irregularity. so i'm really excited
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the recession dug us a hole of about 8 million jobs deep. we continue to fight head winds from volatile global markets. we still have a great deal of work to do to repair the economy and get the american people back to work. >> i think what you are seeing is what is a fact of life about real recoveries. they come in fits and starts. no question, we are going through a period of turbulence now, so that day where it's slow and steady and digging out what the president described as a very big hole. >> bret: it seems like
6:40 pm
christina romer would be happy about most data. 9.7 to 9.5, the unemployment rate. it did fall but it's not exactly a great story overall for the administration, for this economy. here is what the minority leader in the house said about it. how much longer are we going to continue with this disastrous spending spree that is scaring the hell out of the american people and piling debt on our kids and grand kids? instead of whining and making excuses, president obama should rein in spending, keep taxes low and give small businesses the certainty they need to get back on their feet. the private sector added 83,000 jobs last month. that is 25% short of what analysts predicted. let's bring in the panel now. stephen hayes for "weekly standard." a.b. stoddard, associate editor of the hill, and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles? >> one of the numbers that we see that is always misleading is the drop in the unemployment rate. it went down. but that's because 650,000 americans stopped looking for
6:41 pm
jobs. so that number, the way we count it gets removed from the unemployed. so it artificially lowers the number. if you were to count them, the rate would have gone from 9.7 to 10.1. the other disturbing number as you said is that the private sector only produced 83,000 jobs, which is very weak, weaker than it was earlier in the year. now, some are predicting a double dip recession. that means we are now headed downward and we'll have a second recession. that is fairly unlikely. what you are getting is a slowdown in the rate of recovery, which means a fairly low slope for the recovery, which means could be years of chronic unemployment. that could be almost as bad. the ones predicting the double dip are the ones on the left who want another trillion-dollar stimulus, screaming the sky is going to collapse. otherwise. i think that will be unwise. one reason we're in trouble now is because of the huge
6:42 pm
debt, people know we are look at high inflation or financial collapse on european scale. >> bret: there is a consumer confidence problem, a.b. >> the housing market plunging and then concern in the market over the feeling across europe and other countries overseas that they need to consolidate immediately and take care of their debt and deficit. and that i think if you look at the entire picture, climb inside the numbers today from the report. it's very tough politically, because it's so close now, the june jobs report is so close to the mid-term election, there is a permanent psychology that is going to set in with americans and with voters, that the democrats can't really do anything in congress to produce jobs, that the unemployment picture, the unemployment situation is stubborn and unrelenting and that there is no silver bullet around or
6:43 pm
silver lining around the corner. that this is going to be, we'll have a sluggish growth. the potential for double-dip for a while, for a long time to come. i think once that psychology takes hold, it's bad not only for the consumer confidence, spending but bad politically for the democrats. >> bret: let's go back, steve, to the president's speaking before, just weeks before the economic stimulus package was passed. and what he was predicting back then. >> the report confirms the plan will save or create 3-4 million jobs. 90% of the jobs will be created in the private sector. mainly 10% are mainly public sector jobs we save, like the teachers, police officers, firefighters, and others who provide vital services in our communities. >> bret: that was ten days before his inauguration and the administration has still tried to sell the benefit of the economic stimulus package. but you listen to that and look at that report. it's not there. >> this is the key question
6:44 pm
going into the 2010 mid-term election. who deserves the blame? there is polling that shows that the voters were still blaming as of a couple months ago george w. bush more than they were blaming president obama. because you have statements like that, then you go back and look at the speeches he was giving at the end of the 2008 presidential election. one i read today, october 13, 2008, where he takes a lot of time basically laying out the stimulus. he called it his rescue plan and says this is what is going to save us and what is going to keep us fiscally solvent and put us on the track to recovery. he then predicted without the stimulus, we could see unemployment of 8%. some economists are saying by the end of 2009. here we are. we've done everything he said we were going to do. it has been 18 months. it hasn't worked. at some point that reality will dawn on them. robert gibbs, sent out a sweet today on twit -- tweet today on twit blaming the bush administration again. it's not going to work.
6:45 pm
>> bret: obviously, the federal reserve played a big part in keeping us from the precipice of whatever was lying out there. >> malign tarp, which i think was very important. a joint effort of obama and bush. but what is really saying is the politics of this has so shifted. i think we're now at the stimulus exhaustion. people looked at the stimulus of last year and they concluded it was worthless, a waste of money. on the voting for example for extending unemployment benefits, a lot of democrats were against it, republicans as well, because they are more worried about debt than about the sluggishness of the economy. that is new. three months ago that wasn't the case. >> bret: quickly, a.b., how does it play politically, unemployment benefits not approved by the congress because of concerns of paying for it? >> difficult for the congress to go home for the july 4th recess and answer why they couldn't extend the benefit. whats to the benefit and
6:46 pm
cash-strapped state aid? it's tough for them politically. >> bret: don't they just blame the republicans and call it a day? >> they do, but really, the republicans have the stronger message, which is they have the large majority in the congress and they should be able to pass them. the nervous democrats, nervous about the deficit to keep them from getting this passed. >> bret: log on to the home page at let us know what you think. the story that is most important this week. up next, the friday lightning round and your choice online, topic of the week.
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>> bret: every week on the home page, viewers vote on the topic to discuss this in the friday night link round.
6:50 pm
the winner is -- 2010 race that gets more interesting. okay, that won. back with the panel. charles? >> two races where the challenger had a good victory earlier last month in the primary. had a bump and now losing it. sharron angle. and pat toume. he was ahead and is now behind. >> bret: there you see them. a.b.? >> remember governor charlie crist of florida who had to christ the senate g.o.p. primary because he went to free fall and was losing by 30 points to marco rubio, the former house speaker from florida? marco rubio, a rising conservative star, and tea party darling. great hope of the republican
6:51 pm
party. named as possible v.p. contender for 2012 is now behind charlie crist in every poll. the race has blown up. charlie crist is racing around the state being the governor, managing the oil spill. and the democratic side has brought an eccentric billionaire in the race who is catching up with kendrick meek, the congressman and leading contender to the point where democrats are probably going to tacitly help crist if he wins the primary. jeff green. >> good race. i'm interested in the race of john spratt from south carolina, democrat and chairman of the house budget committee. he's interesting because if this election broadly understood is about debt and deficit, this is a ground zero. he is someone who decided to go along with the broader democratic strategy of not passing a budget resolution. which essentially doesn't -- it eliminates caps and allows
6:52 pm
democrats to spend. they say they will have a target for discretionary spending. nonsense. i think he has a serious challenger, increasingly serious challenger in mulvaney a fiscal conservative who can take someone regarded as a real workhorse, john spratt, liked by his colleagues, had been moderate and could put his seat in jeopardy. >> bret: michael steele coming under fire. bill kristol, editor of "weekly standard" and fox news contributor is calling for him to resign because of something he said at an event thursday saying afghanistan was a war of obama's choosing and that america should never get into a land war in afghanistan because every time anybody does, they fail. what about this comment and what it means? steve? >> has michael steele read a newspaper in the past decade? really? does he not know we're at war? absurd comment, something i think certainly should cause him to resign. i think it's unlikely he will, in part because of the
6:53 pm
timing. it happened at the end of a big news week, chocked full of news heading to a holiday weekend. i don't think people will pay a lot of attention. >> bret: r.n.c. put out a statement saying he is supportive of the war in iraq and afghanistan. what about this, a.b.? >> the r.n.c. can't walk back what was caught on hidden camera at an event where he got the facts wrong about obama choosing a war in afghanistan. bill kristol is right. it's an affront to men and women risking their lives over there for us. it's a war that begun in the bush administration and obviously has been supported by president obama. but he said to demonize the war in iraq and obama was being too cute and he has the facts wrong. he has offended many people. i think it was, it might be strange timing because of the holiday weekend but i don't think he escapes this. there is a lot of other con everyone istive voice -- conservative voices joining with bill kristol to call for
6:54 pm
his resignation. i don't think it will be long. >> bret: no matter flowery response, how they type it up, the comments are tough. >> they can't be undone. the r.n.c. chairman aren't supposed to invent their own foreign policy. i think he has to go. this is a capital offense. if you look back, the republicans have everything at their backs. democrats are on the offensive this year. joe barton apologizing to b.p. and saying you have the head of the r.n.c. saying this, boehner comparing the financial meltdown to an ant. unforced errors helping the democrats. the best thing that the republicans can do, go on vacation and stay on vacation. >> bret: russian spy story, got a lot of coverage this week and ink in the tabloids around the country. especially one particular red head russian.
6:55 pm
but the russian government got upset. the u.s. government did not. >> they were upset and they are caught red-handed, literally. this is serious spying. one of the charges was recruiting people who might end up in the government. this is long-range sleeper cells. pretty or not, it's still a danger. to see our state department essentially attacking the justice department for a role or independent operation saying on their own track we would never essentially have done this is astonishing. >> bret: a.b.? >> i know we had a very happy, close meeting between president medvedev last week with president obama. i don't know how chummy they're feeling. i know he is seeking to really improve relations with russia, but the response from -- the fact there is no scrutiny about this, the fact that the obama administration wants to move beyond the incident and not anticipating diplomatic response to the event seems very strange to
6:56 pm
me. i wonder -- >> bret: steve? >> the russians after being offended initially we made the captures declare it will not affect the u.s.-russians relations. that was a big relief. >> bret: they knew about it before the fries. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for al-qaeda propaganda at a new level. [ female announcer ] which cheese slices do you prefer? one that has to be called pasteurized processed cheese product? [ lou ] or, one that can actually be called, natural cheese? ♪ here at sargento,
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i got an egg [pop] i got gum a kazoo a candy necklace i got one of these [pop] a stamp helium fabric softener ear plugs
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[pop] lipstick two pills a day is what it takes to stay alive if you're hiv positive. those pills cost about forty cents a day. >> finally tonight, u.s. officials say an affiliate of al-qaida is launching an on-line magazine called "inspire" to try to recruit inside the u.s. but some of the articles miss the mark. >> with articles like this actual one in the first issue "make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom." not to mention next month's follow-up for moms, "how to scrub down your room when his bomb prematurely goes boom." or features like khali shaikh mohammed's manscaping tips.

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